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The hamlet of Ruleholme lies about six miles east of Carlisle and three miles west of Brampton and is only a stone’s throw from the route of Hadrian’s Wall and the Stanegate Roman road, which ran from Corbridge to Carlisle. The Stanegate, or ‘stone road’ was an important Roman road linking two forts that guarded important river crossings and ran through the natural gap formed by the valleys of the Tyne and Irthing.

The Stanegate differed from most other Roman roads in that it often followed the easiest gradients, and so tended to weave around, whereas typical Roman roads follow a straight path, even if this sometimes involves having punishing gradients to climb.

We are very lucky to be situated in such a beautiful part of the country, within easy reach of the Lake District National Park, Keilder Park and South West Scotland. And if the great outdoors isn’t your thing, then the historic city of Carlisle and the picturesque market town of Brampton are just on our doorstep.

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